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Emmeline® was launched in 2015 by husband and wife team, Mauro and Katherine.  Following years of selling other eyewear brands to retail stores, they found the market was missing fun, colourful, petite-sized woman’s frames.  So began their personal mission to fill that gap. Katherine designs with the woman’s features in mind.  Whether it is a slight lift in the brow, or a soft glow in colour, each frame is meant to be feminine, whimsical, and elegant.  She designs with women in mind, to showcase their best features by creating just a little lift, in all the right places.  The collection has now grown to fit average size women, but the ideals remain the same.

So, how did Emmeline® get its name?  The inspiration behind Emmeline is Katherine and Mauro’s daughter Emily, whom they call Emme. The collection, or Line, inspired by Emme, is made up of models named after Emme’s characteristics.  So, whether you are a Queen of the Night, or an Old Soul or even Miss Independent, there is certainly something in Emmeline® for every woman out there.


We have really high standards when it comes to manufacturing.  Our frames are designed in our Toronto studio.  Once the designs are finalized, we pick our materials and colours for each design and work directly with our factories to make sure that no detail is forgotten.  There are between 30-50 steps to making one single pair of eyeglass frames.  Once the laser machine cuts the stainless steel or acetate, the frame travels between various hands to complete the remaining steps in an artisanal hand-made fashion.  When all the steps are completed, each piece is inspected to ensure that our standards have been met.